Walls show

Few pictures taken during Walls show in August.

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Lato w Shetland Textile Museum | Summer at Shetland Textile Museum

Few pictures from spinning nights at Shetland Textile Museum plus short movie taken during weaving demo session. The loom comes from early 20th century and was originally used for tweed……

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Pocztówka z Wysp | Postcard from the Islands

Those of you who follow my Facebook or Instagram already know I've moved to Shetland in August. Together with a team of researchers I'm working on History and Heritage of Shetland Tweed project.

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‘Beskidy’ wool rugs

In March I went south to Beskidy where a revival of pasturing traditions is slowly emerging.

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Spinning and weaving is fun

Here are some lovely pics taken by Joanna Siwiec, during the fantastic wooly weekend in Rościszów in the middle of May.

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Weavers House in Rosciszow

Weaving&spinning demonstration in Rościszów

On Saturday 14th May I'm going to perform a weaving and spinning demonstration in Dom Tkacza (Weaver's House).

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