Hooray, Tour de Fleece is just around the corner! Below you will find some short and fun introduction if you're not familiar with this spinning-related event.

Image source: https://www.interweave.com/article/spinning/get-wheels-spinning-tour-de-fleece/

Ok, basic facts are given so it’s time to tell you the story (yes, a whole story) of an extraordinary fleece I will be working on! It’s an unwashed, raw and wild organic Shetland fleece what means I’m going to clean and comb it before spinning. I’ve been spinning Shetland fleeces from the same organic farm since 2013 and it’s always a great joy for me to spend time on turning them into yarns and textiles. Although I’m going to have very busy time in July I will try to post spinning updates on my Instagram account.

Fluffy staples and combed snowballs

It’s last year’s clip which I took home directly from the shearer’s hands. I had the privilege to attend sheep shearing in beautiful island of Vaila where my friend keeps her flock of native Shetland sheep in as many sheepy colours as you can imagine. The team of shearers accompanied by border collies gathered sheep and did their job brilliantly. They were using electric shears however one fleece was treated differently, that is clipped with scissors and you’re guessing correctly – it’s the the one from picture above!

Gathering sheep
“Let’s count them”
Fleeces and faces, all amazing
In the queue
Electric shears speed up the work
Fleeces go to big sacks to be sent to spinning mill
Master’s hands clipping fleece which I took home
All shorn and ready to be released
Running back to the hills!

If you would like to know more about Shetland organic wool please visit Shetland Organics CIC official website.