Being an independent maker I choose to weave with natural fibers only.

Timeless elegance and astonishing properties of silk, mohair, alpaca, yak, wool, cotton or linen make my weaving an ever-expanding field of experimentation what results in luxurious, comfortable and functional textiles. Both elegant and practical, my handwoven pieces will enhance your wardrobe or add that special ‘something’ to your favourite place at home.

My studio is equipped with two handlooms, one for weaving samples (8-shaft Louët) and another one for weaving full-scale projects (8-shaft Glimåkra). Weaving involves a range of tools, so there are shuttles, bobbins, winders of all sorts, warping frame and of course, cones of yarn. Every woven piece is finished by washing in mild detergent and the final look is achieved by steam pressing.

If you would like to come to the studio and see how I weave my textiles feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail.