What a busy year it has been! Full of surprises and new experiences, as well as ups and downs - feelings every freelancer knows well. Here's a short written summary of 'new things' that happened in 2018.

New studio. After 7 years of daily textile practice embracing weaving, spinning and natural dyeing, I finally settled in my own studio at the beginning of February. Having a full-size studio is every maker’s dream and I feel privileged such opportunity became real. You can read more about it here: The studio

New textile challenge. In the springtime, my friends from Dom Tkacza/Weaver’s house boutique hotel asked me to use their own antique loom and weave a length of fabric which eventually turned into running waist bags.

The bags were given, along with other fantastic prizes, to the winners of running competition my friends organized in June – The weaver’s run (name commemorates the uprising of weavers in 1844 in the Owl Mountains area). You can watch a short video by Krzysztof Zaniewski that tells the story in a thoughtful way: Bieg Tkacza.

New craftsmen. Another interesting video material, discussing the new wave of craft movement in Poland in sociological and philosophical context, filmed by Czas Kultury (Culture Time). Cottongrass moment of glory is here.

New collection. This year’s new collection was entirely dedicated to table textiles. You can read more about it here: The ‘Herbarium’ collection.

New achievement. Shortly after releasing the collection I was awarded diploma of higher education what means I had completed my intensive 2-year course in Contemporary Textiles at Shetland College. You can read about my textile education in Shetland here: part 1, part 2.

New audience. I was super happy when my neighbours from Centrum Kultury Zamek (‘The Castle’ Culture Centre) asked me to tell a few words about weaving and textiles in general. Personally, I think such open meetings are crucial for promoting various crafts.

New (to me) craft fair & new (to me) city. In August I went to Lublin east of Poland to attend Jarmark Jagielloński (Jagiellonian Fair), a renowned international event that promotes traditional culture at many different levels such as concerts, exhibitions or workshops. I had really good time with friends, old and new.

New exhibition(s). This year Cottongrass textiles were selected to be exhibited during two international events. “Is coral a colour?”, an exhibition presenting contemporary design from Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary was shown at Budapest Design Week and Design Blok in Prague. The picture below shows the exhibition poster attached to my studio door – didn’t have a chance to see it in person.

New textile enthusiasts. Last but not least, Cottongrass handwoven textiles in all shapes and sizes found new homes all around the world. Big thank you to all of you who have supported my small one-person business, making my weaving career the best job I could have imagined. Hope that 2019 will bring more interesting projects and opportunities.