The new name was inspired by my Shetland adventure and observations of the islands’ landscape. Shetland summertime is the most beautiful moment of the year when all wildlife is in full bloom. Hills and plains are covered in flowers of all kinds and colours, among them the snow white cottongrass. The plant is also known as bog cotton or Lucka Minnie’s Oo (‘oo’ is Shetland and Scottish word for wool whereas Lucka Minnie is a witch character from Shetland and Orkney folklore). Its long, soft, lustrous fibery flowers cover Shetland meadows in snow white carpets. Interestingly, the Polish name for cottongrass is ‘wełnianka’ what can be translated as ‘woollen grass’ – a noticeable affinity with the Shetland name.

Cottongrass at Dore Holm, Shetland 2017

Branding by Marta Gawin (thank you!)